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Civil & Site Engineering


September 11 Memorial

Client: Town of Hempstead

Milburn Creek Boat Basin 

Client: Nassau County DPW

Parking Lote Reconstruction / Expansion

Client: Deer Park Fire Department

Bergen Avenue, Bulkhead Restoration

Client: Deer Park Fire Department

CA provides a wide range of civil and site engineering services for public works projects and private developments. The firm can assist in all phases of projects including initial planning, preliminary and final design, preparation of specifications and contract documents, permit acquisition, survey and construction inspection. For municipalities,
CA provides engineering and environmental reviews of proposed developments to help ensure compliance with zoning, land use, and building codes, and environmental requirements. CA's civil and site engineering projects have included planning, design and related
services for:


  • Road and highway improvements

  • Shoreline construction projects

  • Utility routing layout, design and inspection

  • Site planning and development 

  • Landscape architecture 

  • Parks, pools and recreational facilities

  • Hazardous waste management facilities

  • Drainage and flood control projects

  • Public water supply systems

  • Wastewater collection and disposal facilities

  • Solid waste management facilities

  • Remedial action at hazardous waste sites

  • Parking lots and garages

  • Street and recreational lighting

  • Storage tank testing and replacement

  • Environmentally sustainable and “green” design 


CA’s clients include numerous municipal agencies, authorities and corporations throughout the New York metropolitan region. CA's
staff of civil/environmental engineers is augmented by other in-house specialists as needed on particular projects, including structural engineers, electrical/mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, transportation specialists, and CADD/GIS technicians.


Shorefront Engineering 

CA’s engineering design and construction management groups are well qualified and experienced in the planning, design, permitting, and construction of waterfront structures, erosion control and other shoreline projects. CA has also worked on the design, permitting and construction inspection for seawalls, bulkhead, docks, marinas, and dredge material disposal areas, and other waterfront and marine structures. 

The range of services provided by CA include:


  • Development of site plans 

  • Engineering design for shoreline facilities 

  • Preparation of environmental permit applications

  • Technical supporting studies, including ecological, marine and wetland investigations.

  • Erosion control projects 

  • Construction management, supervision and inspection


Highway and Bridge Design & Inspection 

CA’s civil and transportation engineers have full capabilities in the design and construction inspection for improvements to roads, highways, bridges, and related infrastructure. CA’s services in this field include:

  • Engineering evaluation of existing conditions and assessment of needed repairs.

  • Design for road and drainage improvements 

  • Traffic engineering studies

  • Parking and on-site circulation improvement plans

  • Preparation of environmental permits and mitigation plans 

  • Air/noise studies 

  • Construction management, supervision and inspection

  • Implementation of maintenance and protection of traffic, and health and safety plans

  • Hazardous material abatement, including lead paint, asbestos and soil contamination. 

  • Design of pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes. 


Solid Waste Management 

CA provides complete services in solid waste management and in the planning, design, construction, operation, and remediation of waste management facilities. These services have included comprehensive on-site assistance to municipalities in all aspects of solid waste management including construction, operation and regulatory compliance of disposal facilities. The Firm’s engineers and scientists are highly informed of the regulatory, environmental and socioeconomic issues associated with solid waste disposal in the region. CA’s services in this field include.     


  • Design, operation and closure of municipal landfills

  • Planning and design of solid waste transfer stations and composting facilities

  • Environmental permit acquisition assistance 

  • Planning and procurement, including preparation of proposal requests and bid documents for solid waste management facilities

  • Preparation of solid waste management plans

  • Development of recycling programs

  • Environmental impact statement preparation 

  • Contract negotiations with vendors


Waste water and Water Supply Engineering 

CA provides engineering and environmental services for water supply and wastewater management facilities. These services include feasibility studies;  assistance with grant applications; permitting; engineering reports;  design; preparation of plans, specifications and estimates of probable cost of construction; bidding; construction administration and construction management. CA provides these services in connection with:

  • Water supply wells and water distribution systems

  • Wastewater treatment and disposal facilities

  • Sewage pump stations and force mains

  • On site wastewater treatment and disposal

  • Gravity and low pressure sewer systems

  • Application of innovative technology

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