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Civil and Site Engineering


Milburn Creek Boat Basin

Client: Nassau County DPW

Other Civil and Site Engineering Projects:

September 11 Memorial

CA provided architectural, landscape architectural, civil and MEP engineering services for the restoration, design and build of the Milburn Creek Boat Basin located in Baldwin, New York.  The basin, floating docks, bulkhead, and plaza area were extensively damaged during Hurricane Sandy.  CA provided a detail assessment of damage and repair needs not only focusing on the bulkhead and boat ramp but also addressed the need for drainage in the parking lot to prevent direct runoff from entering the creek.  CA’s redesign, grading and reconfiguration of the parking and plaza areas enables the County to provide a new amenity for its residents, such as a new boardwalk along the waterfront, as well as a display of low impact development processes.  These include permeable asphalt to capture stormwater runoff in the parking lot and tree pits which also function as a unit to capture and drain runoff from the plaza.  CA also incorporated a new lighting design for the park and trail, a kayak launch area, a plaza space with a concession and restroom amenities and an open lawn area for picnicking along the water.  



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