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CA's mechanical and electrical engineers, inspectors and technicians provide a wide range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and inspection. The firm can provide services for all project phases including initial planning, preliminary/final design, preparation of specifications and contract documents, and construction inspection as well as facility de-commissioning and demolition. CA provides these services for both the design of new facilities and the modification of existing facilities. CA’s design services include:


  • HVAC building systems

  • Power supply and utility installation

  • Plumbing/piping facilities

  • Boilers and heating systems

  • Fire detection and protection equipment

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • High and Low temperature hot water system 

  • Energy conservation measures

  • Street, parking lot and pathway lighting

  • Acid waste systems

  • Building and site security and surveillance systems 

  • Cable and conduit layout and installation

  • Cellular radio-telephone transceiver facilities

  • Chilled water systems

  • Dust Collection Systems

  • Electronic equipment and control systems

  • Fuel Systems

  • Fume extraction systems

  • Interior and exterior lighting

  • Megger testing and other electrical analyses

  • Underground Utility Systems

  • Utility installation and relocation

  • Wastewater treatment plants

  • Refrigerant Systems

  • Security alarms

  • Sports and field lighting

  • Steam Piping Systems

  • Telecommunications/data equipment inspection and upgrade

  • Temperature Control Systems

  • Power generation facilities

  • Public Swimming Pool - Filtration

  • Natural gas and fuel oil piping system


Fire Detection & Protection 

CA has extensive experience in the design and construction of detection and fire protection systems. CA’s electrical and mechanical engineers have designed systems for a wide range of building types, including office buildings, stores, high-rise buildings, treatment plants, housing, fire departments, public works garages, electronic equipment rooms, and other specialized facilities. The firm’s engineers are knowledgeable of the applicable codes and standards for such systems, including NFPA, UL, ANSI and local/state building and electrical codes. This work has included the design of building sprinkler systems, as well as fire alarm systems and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) improvements.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

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