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CA provides comprehensive services in environmental impact analysis and land use planning. Services provided by CA’s staff includes:

  • Preparation of master plans and land use/zoning studies

  • Preparation of environmental impact statements and supporting technical documents

  • Preparation of land use planning studies and Generic Environmental Impact Statements 

  • Waterfront and coastal management studies 

  • Site assessments and identification of development constraints

  • Solid and hazardous waste investigations and management plans

  • Traffic impact and improvement studies

  • Development/implementation of field monitoring programs

  • Representation for clients at public hearings and other sessions

  • Assistance in zoning applications and other municipal permit process

  • Air quality and noise analysis

  • Review of applications on behalf of municipal client


Hazardous Materials Investigation & Remediation 

CA provides services in hazardous materials management, including site investigations, development/implementation of remediation plans, health and safety compliance, and regulatory agency consultation. Types of projects by CA include: 

  • Hazardous waste site investigation and remediation

  • Site and building investigations to determine possible presence of hazardous material conditions. 

  • Sampling of hazardous materials. 

  • Supervision of drilling and sampling programs for soil and groundwater. 

  • Solid waste management and landfill closure plans.

  • Preparation of plans for abatement of hazardous materials

  • Establishment of monitoring programs

  • Incorporation of lead and asbestos programs for building renovations projects

  • Establishment of employee protection and “right-to-know” programs

  • Underground storage tank remediation programs

  • Employee health and safety training


Coastal & Waterfront Management 

CA’s planning and environmental personnel have specialized experience in coastal zone planning and management. The staff includes marine scientists with background in the environmental and ecological aspects of costal planning. CA’s capabilities in this area include:

  • Coastal zone management plans

  • Wetlands investigation and mitigation

  • Dredging and dredge material disposal plans and permits

  • Marine resource investigations/aquaculture studies

  • Water quality and sediment studies 

  • Stormwater mitigation plans

  • Harbor management plans

  • Erosion control and shoreline protection projects

  • Environmental Impact Statements for coastal projects 

  • Flood hazard mitigation plans.


Due Diligence Investigations 

CA provides comprehensive due diligence investigations in support
of real estate lending activities for banks, real estate investment and insurance companies. CA has provided these services for commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and undeveloped properties throughout the United States. Through an approach involving field investigations, data review and technical analyses, CA can provide a comprehensive review of the full range of factors that can affect a property’s value and development potential. Services provided by
CA include:  

  • Phase I and Phase 2 environmental site assessments

  • Supervision of site investigation and remediation

  • Building condition evaluations and engineering surveys

  • Cost estimating of new construction and renovation

  • Construction loan monitoring and pay-out approvals 

  • Plan/budget review of proposed construction for loan funding approval

  • Regulatory compliance reviews

  • Preparation of environmental permit applications.


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