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Construction Management

Construction of New Fourth Police Precinct - CP 3184

Client: Suffolk County Department
of Public Works



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 CA provided construction management services for the construction Suffolk County’s first LEED certified building to service the fourth precinct jurisdiction.  This new construction is taking place in the same county complex that houses the building currently serving the needs of the Suffolk County Police Department where operations continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The new, two-story building was designed to include approximately 35,000 square-feet over a full basement and 150-space parking lot.  Public and common areas, as well as areas used for processing and incarceration, were designed and are being constructed to withstand heavy use as the building will be occupied and operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  CA ensured that holding cells are being constructed in accordance with New York State Commission of Correction requirements. As construction manager, CA oversaw the commissioning of all mechanical systems which will provide data that may be used to confirm the mechanical efficiencies required to achieve the required points that contribute to the overall LEED score.  Pre-construction responsibilities included constructability / value engineering review as well as the preparation and review of cost estimates.  CA also provided bid assistance by interviewing prospective bidders and coordinating the pre-construction conference.  CA reviewed project data to determine whether a Project Labor Agreement would be beneficial.  In the construction phase CA’s responsibilities included full-time administrative services and construction oversight.  Members of the CA project team were responsible for monitoring contractor performance with regard to budget and schedule, and ensuring that the work is completed in accordance with plans and specifications.  Additional work items included the installation of an emergency generator.  CA’s subcontractor served as the independent LEED commissioning authority for the project.   



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